WUW w Poznaniu (Proprietary)

ARCUS is a role-playing game developed and published by Wolf Team, which is now known as Namco Tales Studio Ltd. This game is the first installment of the series bearing the same name and was released in 1988.

ARCUS follows a fantasy-themed storyline introducing the Arkases kingdom’s people. These individuals possess the ability to connect with the worlds of the spirits, ranting them mastery of magic. Nevertheless, mastering magic resulted to abusing their powers and gave birth to conflicts within the kingdom. The main character named Jedah Chaf comes to the scenario in order to save Arkases from the Golden Dragon who threatened to punish humans. He started his journey in restoring peace while attaining his goal of becoming a knight.

The game’s user interface changes depending on the environment where the player’s character is currently located. A menu is set for navigating the character to chosen locations. On the other hand, this feature changes once the character is inside the dungeon and is about to face an opponent. An additional menu appears to start the combat with the foe.

Various attack modes are available in this first-person perspective game. Players can fight using magic, physical attacks, or turn-based combat. Controls are set accordingly to select the preferred attack mode while in the game.

ARCUS is a game developed by the Japanese, but it is comparable to conventional Western RPGs that presents unique terminology to describe the character’s stats. Graphics are also impressive, allowing a more enjoyable gaming experience.