Arctic Torrent 1.2.3 (Freeware)

Arctic Torrent is a small BitTorrent client that is used for downloading different types of torrent files including documents, photo and image collections, audio files, and videos. The program does not clog up system resources, as it is written in the C++ programming language. The program has a minimalistic user interface that anyone can operate. Torrent files can be imported to the application using the browser or by dragging and dropping them straight to the program’s interface. It also supports batch processing, so several torrents can be downloaded all at the same time.

All torrents that are currently being downloaded appear on the main window. Other information is also displayed including the name of the torrent, the size of the torrent, how much of the torrent is downloaded or uploaded, its current status, and its progress. There is also a Configuration window where users can set the speed limits for both uploads and downloads. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Simple and easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users
• Has a minimalistic user interface that is easy to understand
• Does not take up a lot of system memory
• Displays plenty of information about the torrent files that are downloaded