Arctic Quest 2

Alawar (Shareware)

Arctic Quest 2 is a casual game wherein the player must get crystals falling from the sky. Prior to the events of this game, the Snow King has been defeated in the first game in the series. Now, his son is trying to conquer the world by turning it into ice, which will enclose and freeze all living creatures. The player must defeat the Snow Prince to save the planet and all its creatures from this.

Arctic Quest 2 features around 100 new puzzles that the player should solve to finish the game. This amount is 40 puzzles more than the number of stages in the first Arctic Quest game. The puzzles involve reviving creatures trapped in ice. The creatures are presented as outlines at the onset of every level. To fill the outline and free the creatures, the player must catch and make use of the falling ice crystals that are coming from the top portion of the game screen. The crystals that fall come in various shapes and sizes. These include those shaped like triangles and squares. When the outlines are filled with the crystals, the player wins the level. Bonus points can be earned when similar crystals come into contact with each other. Crystals not used by the player fall into the bottom of the screen. The crystals must not clog the bottom screen, or else the player loses the round.