ArcSoft WebCam Companion

ArcSoft Inc. (Shareware)

ArcSoft WebCam Companion is a webcam utility application developed by ArcSoft Inc. It offers a wide range of webcam special effects. It can be used for capturing videos/images using your webcam with 3D and HD support. Videos and photos captured using this program can be edited, enhanced and adjusted using the editing tools included in the program. Some of the editing tools include sharpness, brightness and contrast controls, cropping tools, resizing tool, de-noise and lightning tools. HD and 3D photos/videos can be previewed using common single webcam or twin-webcam.

ArcSoft WebCam Companion also offers multi-core GPU and CPU optimization allowing users to attain high definition videos. Aside from editing tools, this application also features a snap a photo tool and morphing tools. This can be used for merging photos into other characters. Photos can also be previewed using the picture-in-picture feature. The program also has Flip tools, Portrait/Fit In view, and Zoom In/Out view. Templates can also be created using this application by loading an image file and editing them using the available tools.

Another feature of this application is the Victory Gesture. It detects the victory gesture and captures an image instantly. The program also has a Blink Detection feature that helps users prevent taking images with closed eyes. Its Face-based Technology also allows the program to work as a surveillance camera. Image/video projects created from this program can be shared online such as Twitter, YouTube 3D Channel or Flickr.