ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme

ArcSoft, Inc. (Shareware)

TotalMedia Extreme is an all-in-one media suite application developed by ArcSoft, Inc. It is composed of several applications that are used for playing, creating, and editing audio/video files. The program supports HD DVD (i.e. HDi and BD-Java) and Blu-ray.

ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme features the TotalMedia Theatre application. This is a media player that allows users to watch movie with other tools, functions, and options that are not available in most DVD player. It can be used for playing 2D videos, DVDs, and slideshows. It also offers Advanced SimHD that plays regular DVDs in high-definition. Another program offered in this suite is the ArcSoft ShowBiz, which is used for creating and editing videos/movies. It may also be used to import files from any external device or from the program’s built-in media library. Editing movies, images and audio is also possible. ArcSoft ShowBiz also offers tools for enhancing multimedia files.

TotalMedia Extreme features the TotalMedia Record and TotalMedia LabelMaker. The TotalMedia Record is used for archiving data, ripping and creating music CDs and duplicating disks. The TotalMedia LabelMaker is used for designing and printing a customized jewel cases, CD labels and more. It features various design tools used for customizing the text and images used on projects. Editing tools are also available. It can also be used to add design features such as font, text color, drop shadows, size, and curved text.