ArcSoft Total Media Backup

ArcSoft, Inc. (Proprietary)

ArcSoft Total Media Backup is a backup tool developed by ArcSoft and released on March 2008. The program enables users to backup their media files by choosing individual files or folders. The program allows users to create individual backups instead of making a backup of the whole system or whole drive. Media files that are supported include music, photos, and videos. Users may also backup personal documents and other files.

ArcSoft Total Media Backup features three types of backup modes—Manual, Advanced, and Scheduled backup. Manual mode allows users to select whether to backup photos, videos, music files, or documents. By selecting this mode, users are taken to the PC’s Videos, Photos, and Music default folders.  Advanced mode enables users to determine whether to backup whole drives or backup selected individual files.  Advanced backup also allows users to perform a Full data backup where all selected files are backed up, or perform Incremental backup. The latter form backs up only those files that are added to the previously backed up files. Scheduled backups enable users to specify timeframes within which to perform backups of the system or particular drives. Users may create more than one backup schedule. All created schedules may be previewed from the Schedule Backup window, with their corresponding names, run dates, scheduled time, execution status, and status. Aside from the backup function, the program features a Restore function.