ArcSoft SimHD IM Plug-In

ArcSoft (Shareware)

Created by the ArcSoft Company, the ArcSoft SimHD IM Plug-In is a driver that functions alongside the same company’s Total Media Theatre program. The Total Media Theatre program allows its users to take advantage of some of the best graphic processing tools, processing units, and media outlets today. It provides support for NVIDIA CUDA architecture which caters to more complex programming algorithms leading to the generation of crisper and sharper images on the screen. The particular driver is responsible for image crispness and sharpness.

Aside from ensuring high-definition quality for newly generated images and videos, the ArcSoft SimHD IM Plug-In also enables sharpening when low-resolution videos are inputted into the system. The same driver can also be used to improve the quality of videos grabbed from the YouTube website and other similar media sites. Besides providing better image quality, the driver also sees to it that the videos capitalize on better lighting by automatically enhancing their internal components.

This particular plug-in is also responsible for enhancing other video elements. It can easily remove any unwanted noise from a particular video segment or smoothen the images out when needed. When these functions are completed, a better image appears on the screen. Compared to some programs, this works with lightning speed. High-definition settings can be applied or removed with the click of a button.