ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Inc. (Shareware)

ArcSoft Panorama Maker is an application that allows users to combine several photos and create one panoramic photo. All the photos that are going to be used to make the panorama must have overlapping areas in order for it to work. The ArcSoft Panorama Maker program offers five different stitching modes:

Horizontal – several photos stitched to create a long horizontal photo
Vertical – photos with widths smaller than the height are stitched to form a vertical photo
Tile – uses at least six photos to combine in one square
360 – stitches photos in a 360-degree panorama that supports 360-degree previews
Auto – this tool checks a group of photos to see which stitch mode can be used

The stitched photos can be exported in many different file formats, such as JPEG, BMP, MOV, Flash, TIF, and many more. Aside from the five stitching modes available, users can also manipulate the look of the photos with some media editing tools built-into the program. Some of these are auto-color balance, brightness, exposure, and dynamic lighting. Basic editing tools are crop and straighten.

Panoramic photos can also be created from videos. The application cuts still frames from the video and users can select which ones to use to make the panoramic photo.