Archivarius 3000 4.5.9

Likasoft (Shareware)

Archivarius 3000 is one tool used in looking for emails and documents on various media like computers, removable drives (optical and magnetic) and in LAN (local area network). The program can extract and save the information, with users able to access them without the need of being physically present. The program’s main features include the immediate full-text search of documents and e-mails, and the context search (with morphology) in sixteen languages helped by the program’s full Unicode support. It also supports searches on local networks and in various drives, including remote searches through the Internet. The program also supports popular formats and document searches from MS Office, PDFs, and TXT.

Archivarius 3000 can also do searches in compressed files (ZIP, RAR, ACE, ARJ and others), as well as in e-mail messages of popular email applications, including embedded documents in e-mails. It can do searches in Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino databases as well. The user can build queries using the Query Builder without any prior familiarity with the program. The Search Wizard helps the user look for documents by size, or by date, or even through type. Quick View speeds up the search with the use of query words, the results of which can be printed later.