ArchiCryptX Change

Softwareentwicklung Remus (Shareware)

ArchiCryptX Change is a program that enables secure data exchange between users. It is an application that can deliver messages and files containing sensitive information through emailing. Data coursed through such messages can be opened by the recipient without having to use special software. This application makes use of encryption, which is vital in keeping third parties from accessing original information containing sensitive data. This process involves encoding information such that only the recipient person or computer with the key is able to decode it. This program executes algorithms engineered to encrypt computer data in order to prevent it from being recovered without access to the key.

ArchiCrypt XChange features an encryption mechanism that masks sensitive messages to make the data secure. Once such files or messages reach the recipient, the latter does not need any other application to open it. The only requirement is a password. The information delivered through the internet contains an AES 256-bit encryption protection. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is an encryption standard that was adopted by the US government and is now widely used in commercial applications. The algorithm of AES uses symmetric key encryption, which means the same code acts as key both to encode as well as decode the message. In the case of files transferred on the Internet through ArchiCrypt XChange, the symmetric key or code manifests as a password.