ArchiCrypt Rescue Master 3

Softwareentwicklung Remus - ArchiCrypt (Freeware)

ArchiCrypt Rescue Master is a back-up and recovery program created by Patrick Remus. It enables users to recover lost files of various formats. Word-processing documents, multimedia files, spreadsheets, and source codes are just some of the types of files that this program can recover in case power outages, system shutdowns, or incidents that compromise storage systems and the information contained within occur.

ArchiCrypt Rescue Master can recover files from SCSI, SATA, ATA, and IDE hard drives. It can also retrieve lost files last stored in Firewire and USB devices, memory cards, and other removable storage units from mobile devices that have relatively small storage space compared to hard drives. File systems like NTFS5, NTFS, FAT 32, FAT15, and FAT12 are also supported. Encrypted, fragmented, and compressed data on NTFS systems can be restored with the deep-scanning process employed by the program.

In case structures that contain data about the lost files are corrupted or gone, the plug-in utilized by the program – a plug-in meant for archives, graphics, and multimedia file recovery – may be able to restore lost files. It accomplishes this by creating duplicate images of the device formerly used to store those lost files and restore the information from these copies.