ArchiCrypt Live 5.10

Softwareentwicklung Remus (Shareware)

ArchiCrypt Live is a program that encrypts and protects sensitive data in real time. It effectively provides data protection by storing the data in “volumes.” These volumes, in turn, are organized as single files with a file extension of “.acl.” As the encrypted data is stored in one file, it can be easily moved to other data storage devices like USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, and hard disks. The software has the description “live” in its name because the encrypting and decrypting process takes place on the fly (that is, while the data is being stored and organized). A volume of data can contain any kind of data such as office documents, MP3 files, photos, and the like. Even applications can be installed in a volume and be run from there.

Here are other important features of ArchiCrypt Live:

• Up to eight virtual drives, called ArchiCrypt Live drives, are available for storage of huge volumes of data
• Drives for ArchiCrypt Live are easily accessible from Microsoft Windows Explorer
• Encryptions for entire partitions and storage media devices
• Secret containers are available for higher level of security for more confidential data
• A volume containing sensitive data may be hidden in normal files, called “camouflage files”