ArcaVir 2013

ArcaBit (Bundled)

ArcaVir is an anti-virus protection program that guards the user’s computer against threats, such as email scanners, malware , and other infected data sent on many communications channels (including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc). It also provides the user Internet security with anti-phishing safeguards, firewalls, protection on identity and data thefts, and controls on spamming and children’s computer use. The program has two scanning options. The quick scan goes through the program’s folder, user folders, web browser folders, and finally to the Windows and Systems folders. The full scan produces a dialog box for the user to create scanning profiles.

ArcaVir also has several settings that provide anti-virus safeguards: settings profiles, a disabling system restore during scans, quick scans on system start-ups, mail scan settings that guard against spambots that can control a system, as well as the standard password protection. Aside from the Firewall against network attacks, the program also provides safeguards like the registry monitor for unauthorized crucial registry changes, a rapid system control for infections without scanning the whole computer, a module for searching (and neutralizing) Rootkit type of viruses, and an anti-spam feature that secures email boxes. The program also provides constant protection against all other malicious codes (viruses) through its advanced database and such other tools as systems backup, patching and system audit.