's NetCut (Freeware)

Arcai NetCut is a program that enables users to optimize their network and Wi-Fi connections. This program works by using an ARP or Address Resolution Protocol that makes a user’s local network appear as the network gateway instead of a router. This process allows users to direct data packets into their computer that further increases the Internet speed. This program speeds up Internet, Local Network, and Wi-Fi connections. Upon opening Arcai NetCut, users will be prompted to select a network adapter that they will control. The program then displays a list of computers linked using a Local Area Network where they can select a computer where they can tweak the network flow. This program also has features used to search for computers using a keyword search, a button that removes a computer from a network, and another button for enabling network access to a previously removed computer. In addition to these, Arcai NetCut has additional tools used to check the network adapter and test the Internet connection.

Arcai NetCut features a simple interface that has two main parts. First part is the control panel, which contains buttons such as Protect, Stop Protect, Check Adapter, Test Internet, and Help. Below this section, users may find a list of computers connected to their Wi-Fi or Local Area Network connection. This section displays information such as the protection status, the network adapter name, connection status, IP address, MAC, and current network speed.