Araxis Merge 2013.4377 (64-bit)

Araxis Ltd (Shareware)

Araxis Merge is an application used for visually comparing files, and synchronizing and merging folders. It is used to merge and compare web pages, text files, XML files, and source codes. Images, text from OpenDocument, Microsoft Excel and Word, and Binary, RTF and PDF files can be opened and compared with each other.

Files which have Unicode, ASCII, and MBCS character encodings can be used with the program. Audits and code reviews can be performed, and folders can be synchronized easily. Folders which contain large volumes of files can also be worked on.  Araxis Merge may be configured for line endings, control keywords’ expanded versions, timelines, and whitespace differences to be ignored. The program in-place editor has an unlimited undo function for more user control. Documents have linking lines drawn on them to indicate how they relate to each other. Side-by-side comparisons are color coded to indicate files’ differences and similarities. Comments and bookmarks can also be incorporated in folder and file comparisons. A point-and-click function for merging enables users to choose file parts to be added to a merged version. The comparison display continually updates while merging changes are made. Web developers and software engineers can use the program to understand, compare, and combine various versions of source files or source code branches.