ARAX Disk Doctor - Data Recovery 3.1.036

ARAX Technologies Inc. (Shareware)

ARAX Disk Doctor Data Recovery is an all-in-one program developed by ARAX Technologies, Inc. that enables users to recover accidentally deleted files and partitions caused by various reasons such as a virus attack, computer crash, or mishandling of files. Apart from restoring lost files on a user’s hard drive, this program can also recover the ones previously located in removable media devices like flash drives. It also has advanced data recovery features that include detection and restoration of damaged NTSF or FAT32 partitions, as well as repair damaged RAID disk arrays. It can also restore lost data from NTFS Encrypted folders, and gives users a preview of the deleted files’ contents before restoring them. Deleted images are shown in their original files sizes, after which a disk image is created for backup.

ARAX Disk Doctor Data Recovery has a simple and straightforward user interface that features controls similar to those of Internet Explorer. First-users can make use of the four data recovery wizards to learn the basics of operating the program. They can also pick between a Simple Drive Scan and an Advanced Device Scan; the results of the latter can be saved and loaded later on. In addition, users can search a specific partition type in the Advanced Device Scan.