Frontier Groove Inc. (Shareware)

Aquazone Desktop Garden is a screensaver application that allows users to change their standard screensaver to a 3-dimensional one. The screensaver activates on the computer when the system has been idle for a set amount of time. The program offers eight different types of aquarium backgrounds to offer users more variety. Other elements included in the program are different types of fish, jellyfish, rocks, and plants. More than 20 types of fish are available. Fish food is also available so that users can feed the virtual fishes with just the click of a button.

Right clicking on the screensaver brings up the settings menu where users can configure the screensaver’s behavior. Some of the settings included are for the number of fish to be displayed on the aquarium, the types of corals to be displayed, and the sounds and lighting for the aquarium. Aside from acting as a screensaver, the program can also be launched as an interactive environment. Users can follow fishes on the screen and zoom to see them more closely. The application also includes expansion packs that contain more items that can be used for the screensaver. Items in the expansion pack include divers, turtles, and more sea creatures.