Trixoft (Shareware)

Aquaspheres is a game that is set underwater and similar in many ways to Arkanoid, the classic game. This game boasts of advanced environment development and interface design. The player controls AquaSlide, a submarine ship that is equipped with a huge front bumper. This is an entertaining game that is easy to learn how to play and has a “Help” option. This video game is developed by Trixoft.

To play, the submarine must be placed in front of an aquasphere to keep it bouncing. The main objective of the player is to hit the targets with a ball and destroy them all. Once this is accomplished the treasure chest can then be opened and the player can move on to the next level of the game.

Players can also view the high scores or best scores achieved. The Options setting allow the user to adjust music volume, sound volume, acceleration settings, mouse speed, and full screen. Players are required to give a name prior to starting the game.

Aquaspheres also features power-ups which increase the power of the submarine and makes it more secure as well. These are some of the featured power-ups: Aqua Shield, Aqua Shot, Aqua Magnet, and Aqua Repellent. Other power-ups are Multibal and Barrier.