AquaSnap 1.6.3 (Freeware)

AquaSnap is a desktop manager for Windows computers. It allows users to snap the windows of programs to the edges of the screen. This can be done by dragging and dropping the windows to any location. The program is helpful for users who have large monitors and must work with several windows all at the same time. The application automatically resizes the windows when dragged to different sides of the screen. The window is split to half the size of the screen when it is dragged to one of the edges. The window is split to one-fourth the size of the screen when it is dragged to one of the four corners. To make the window stay permanently on top of other applications, shake the window.

The AquaSnap window consists of five tabs – General, AquaSnap, AquaShake, AquaGlass, and Appearance. The General tab shows the options for starting the program as the computer starts. There is also a check box for showing the program’s icon on the system tray. AquaSnap shows the options for the program’s snapping mode. AquaShake provides the settings for the shaking mode and the shake detection. AquaGlass shows the settings for the window’s transparency. Users can change the visual effects and the skin of AquaSnap under the Appearance tab.