Aquarium 4.0.5

Convekta Ltd. (Shareware)

Aquarium is a database and analysis tool dedicated for the chess playing engine called Rybka 4. This utility lets users play the game, analyse and comment on it, contribute to its modification, and search and download its latest versions developed by other users. It also works with other chess playing engines, both free and commercial.

The Rybka Aquarium user interface is composed of three major parts: the Ribbon, Navigation Pane, and the Working Area. The Ribbon is a single strip containing various features of Aquarium. The Navigation Pane or sidebar lets the user switch between the play, analysis, and engine competition modes. The user can access data objects like games, databases, and lists from the navigation pane. Clicking buttons on the sidebar enables the user to switch the modes and load the data objects onto the Working Area. The Working Area is where the user can play, make comments, examine, and browse a list of games.

Below are some of the program’s features:

• Infinite analysis and IDeA analysis tools that includes an archive of analysis history (called a “Chess Tree”), multi-variation mode, special threats analysis, overnight analysis, focused analysis, and so on
• Annotation of games and chess trees
• Compatibility of database that allows for conversion of the most commonly used formats
• Availability of support for most chess engines
• Inclusion of normal, handicap, Chess960, and playing zone server in play mode