Aquarium Desktop

Stardock (Proprietary)

Aquarium Desktop is an application that changes the computer’s desktop to an aquarium. The program was first released in 2009. Users have the option to choose what kind of fish to have on the desktop aquarium and there is no limit to the amount of fish swimming at one time. Other items that can be added to the desktop are aquatic plants and corals. The 3D fishes move around the desktop realistically. The animated wallpaper is fully customizable. The objects can be resized, the sounds can be added, or they can also be disabled altogether.

The application is designed so that it won’t slow down the system. This is possible with the intelligent CPU usage feature. When the fishes are not visible on the screen, the rendering is disabled so that the CPU does not take up a lot of resources and the system won’t slow down.

Here are the other main features of the Aquarium Desktop:

• Additional fish packs can be downloaded for more fish variety
• Configurable sounds, shadows, and fish movements
• Wide variety of objects to add to the aquarium (anchors, bubbles, shells, plants, treasure chest, and aquarium debris)
• Comes with Windows Blinds skin