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Aquaria is a computer game where the character explores Aquaria, an underwater world. In this game, a mermaid named Naija journeys through Aquaria in an effort to solve the mysteries of her past and to find her family. During this journey, she also learns about Aquaria's history. Naija interacts with the in-game environment by singing, battling, and swimming. Through songs, the character is able to perform certain actions with the items in front of her. She can also change forms, allowing her to have different abilities. These abilities include battling enemies and overcoming barriers.

Aquaria is a video game in the sidescroller genre. This means the world is in 2D and can be explored in four directions. The game's primary focus is exploration. All of the game world must be explored by the character to complete missions and finish the story. There are also puzzles that must be solved in order to progress through the game's plot. There are several regions in Aquaria where the player can navigate the character. These include caves, dungeons, and ruins. In each region, there are plants and animals that may or may not be friendly, so the player must exercise due caution when dealing with these.