Massive Development GmbH (Proprietary)

AquaNox is a series of underwater-based shooter games. Players are tasked to accomplish several story-related combat missions; along the way, players will get to meet secondary characters and know more about the game’s story. The games are set in the distant future, at a time when a global nuclear war has made it necessary for survivors to live underwater.

The key feature of this game is that it is a mix of shooter and submarine simulation. It uses a first-person view during attacks. In this game, players assume the role of Emerald “Deadeye” Flint, a submarine pilot and mercenary out to hunt a robotic species called Bionts. With his submarine stolen, Flint settles for an old submarine so he can start on his missions.

By completing missions, players can earn money, which can be used to buy better submarines, equipment, and weapons. After each chapter, players can choose to upgrade their equipment. New missions are assigned when players interact with other characters in the game whenever they visit stations. There are over 30 single-player missions; players can get to command nine different underwater vessels.

AquaNox makes use of a first-person view from the submarine’s cockpit during attacks. The primary weapons are cannons installed on the submarine’s hull. Players use the mouse to control the cannons’ aim.