Massive Development GmbH (Freeware)

AquaMark is a benchmarking program that enables users to evaluate a computer’s level of performance compared to the most recent technologies. . The program is intended for DirectX9 benchmarking, but can also be used for testing graphic cards which are compatible with DirectX 7 and 8.

A report is given regarding the video card’s capability. System reconfiguration can then be done for activities’ (involving cutting-edge graphic capabilities) requirements to be met. Systems may also be configured for optimal gaming performance. The program’s interface provides sound effects and graphics. Options and special features may be accessed, and measurements can be started via the program’s main menu. Using the Overdraw Visualization Technique, a user can run benchmarks having pixels which are pseudo colored drawn to exhibit overdraw. The Pixel Performance Measurement feature runs benchmarks twice to assess the performance of the pixel shader. Using the Shader Visualization Technique, benchmarks are run to evaluate complexity. The Automated Screen Grabber is used to create screenshots for every given frame number. Users can adjust texture filtering, gamma correction, color depth, vsync, anisotropy quality, triple buffering, resolution, and anti-aliasing of full-scenes through the program’s Option panel. Changes may be tested after modifications are made. After benchmarks are run, CPU and GPX results are provided which users may submit online for evaluation compared to other computers.