Aquadelic GT

Hammerware (Proprietary)

Aquadelic GT is a racing game in which players are given the role of a team racer of the Aquadelic GT League of boat racers. Players take part in races in three global venues: Russia, Greece, and the Caribbean islands. They start in a river in the Russian countryside, then by the Grecian coast, and finally in the golden beaches of the Caribbean.

Players begin their racing career with a simple boat, but as they start winning races and earning money, they will be able to purchase better boats such as catamarans and speedboats, complete with accessories and racing weapons such as balloon bombs, shark torpedoes, and dragnets that can be used to destroy or incapacitate the boats of their rivals. There are many types of boats available, each with its own quality. Players can also choose the boat design or paint job they prefer to customize the look of their boats.

Players can also use their winnings to buy new homes in different parts of the world. Between races, they can also travel to different countries to do charity work, look for sponsors, or just have fun in a yacht cruise. The game is easy to play and is ideal for users of all skill levels. Up to nine players can join a race over a local area connection.