AquaBall 1.0

Alawar (Shareware)

Alawar’s Aquaball is a brick-breaking game that is set is an underwater world. The game’s environment includes aquatic animals, pirate booty, sunken ships, sunlit effects, and underwater volcanoes included in the graphics that present a feel of ocean life.  

By controlling a racket at the bottom of the screen, players hit a ball or balls that bounce around the game area.  They must try to destroy seashells, underwater creatures, and other targets set above them, as well as shatter other marine objects, and direct the ball or balls to portals.  The portals can transport the ball or balls to a protected area where treasures are kept.  Players move to the next level after getting rid of the objects onscreen; and, after finishing a certain number of levels, they get to unlock new areas or scenes.

There are 140 levels in the game, with three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard.  Higher levels allow players to face more challenges, such as activate more mines and unlock up-side-down gaming areas.  Aquaball offers many different weapons as well, including the powerful Aqua-Gun.  Moreover, Aquaball offers five additional mini-games that players can unlock during gameplay. A total of 23 bonuses may be acquired in the game.