Aqua Real 2 Active Desktop 2

Formsoft International Inc. (Shareware)

Aqua Real 2 Active Desktop is a 3D, aquarium-themed screensaver developed by Formsoft International Inc. It is one of the many interactive entertainment design projects from the company together with other digital art selections offered by users.

Aqua Real 2 Active Desktop presents a highly impressive, under-the-sea scene that takes screensavers to the next level. Interactive features make it possible for people to entertain themselves while looking at a relaxing underwater environment.

The program’s graphics make the underwater scene realistic. Colors utilized during the designing process breathe life to the fishes, corals, shipwrecks and other elements only found in this side of the world. See the fishes in their realistic features right at the desktop.

Additional entertainment features include being able to interact with the fishes swimming when the screensaver is activated. Users can choose from actions like feeding, tickling, and even music playback. Audio file types supported include .wma and .mp3. Its interactive features aid in stress relief for many individuals dealing with tasks on their computers for long hours.

Aqua Real 2 Active Desktop flaunts 26 tropical fish species swimming on screen. Several coral reef scenes also ensure a total sea floor experience while fishes display their behaviors in full 3D. Fishes interact with its surroundings like playing with anemones or other fishes. The developer also offers free downloads for added scenes and fish species for variety.