Aqua Bubble 2

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Aqua Bubble is a Flash-based game in which players must match at least three bubbles of the same color to clear the game area. Players do this by shooting a bubble from the bottom of the screen. When at least three bubbles of the same color are matched, the bubbles burst. The left side of the game screen contains the bubble-filled area. At the bottom is an aqua bubble gun that changes color. When players click the left mouse button, the gun shoots a bubble of the same color. Players must aim the gun to a group of bubbles the same color of the gun to shoot a bubble and burst the other bubbles and make the other bubbles connected to them fall down.

Players continue shooting bubbles until all of the game area has been cleared. Once it is cleared of bubbles, players can move on to the next and more difficult level. As the level progresses, the bubbles multiply and get closer to the bottom where the aqua gun is located. Players must burst the bubbles or make them fall faster so they do not reach the bottom of the screen. Bursting the bubbles must be done quickly or else they lose the level. The right side of the screen shows the game’s character, named Aquatic. He plays a piano and encourages the player to shoot the bubbles.