ApSIC Xbench 3.0

ApSIC, S.L. (Shareware)

ApSIC Xbench is a terminology translation program. It is a free-to-try tool that can be downloaded online. It is important for the installer and the spellchecker to be downloaded as one does not work without the other. This can be used to assess different document file types with options being displayed in a pop-up window on the main interface.

When launched, a user interface will be opened. This is where users can create new projects or edit old ones. Files can then be exported into the system. Only text files work with this application. The program uses a variety of translation sources to allow its users to translate multiple files simultaneously. There is no need to work on translations word for word which significantly reduces the amount of time that people have to spend on a particular project.

Aside from the translation component, those who make use of ApSIC Xbench will also be able to take advantage of the additional features of the program like terminology searches from reference materials. Even simple checks like those for double spacing can be assessed. Should there be any target inconsistencies, the program will also prompt the user for changes. After projects have been completed, respective quality assurance reports will be provided for further checking and archiving.