appsmaker AppBooster Pro 2.0 2.1

appsmaker (Shareware)

appsmaker AppBooster Pro 2.0 is an application designed mainly to swap unused memory to reduce lags while playing games and utilizing other functions. This tool is a drive optimizer that improves Internet download speed and increases loading speed of games that come in large files. This is a memory booster, Internet booster, and defragmenter that frees up disk space and gives the computer instant extra power. With this utility in place, the computer is always primed to serve as a perfect gaming and working environment.

appsmaker AppBooster Pro 2.0 uses a three-zone-algorithm that works prior to starting an application or a game. This program features AutoBoost Technology that works automatically as soon as an application is started. appsmaker AppBooster Pro 2.0 also features a tray-gadget and Windows sidebar that facilitates quick access to the booster profiles and booster mode. It does not take special computer skills to customize the Booster Profile such that beginners can easily make use of all the features of this app.

appsmaker AppBooster Pro 2.0 provides users with detailed information about the processes performed. It also provides instant power without having to manually shut down the applications and functions that are currently running. appsmaker AppBooster Pro 2.0 is developed by appsmaker.