Apollo Audio DVD Creator Application 1.2.63

Apollo Multimedia (Shareware)

Apollo Audio DVD Creator Application is a tool that enables users to create customized DVDs. Developed by the company Apollo Multimedia, this program requires three easy steps in completing a project. In the first stage, the user has to add the media file to be copied on the DVD. The user can add just one file, an entire album, or a CD track because the program can grab all of these files from the original disc before burning them on the fresh DVD. With this program, the user can import thousands of songs in numerous file formats including AVI, MPG, RM, MP3, WAV, and WMV among others. In the second stage, the user chooses from a wide array of built-in design templates for the disc cover.  

The third stage of Apollo Audio DVD Application entails a series of steps. The user makes numerous choices such as the file source and destination, the DVD video folder or audio list, PAL or NTSC TV modes, and DVD label. Once all these steps are completed, the user has to click the “Start” button to commence the creation process. The user interface is simple and straightforward – it features buttons to the three main stages at the top of the screen.