Apocalypse Motor Racers

Gamehitzone (Shareware)

Apocalypse Motor Racers is a car racing game in 3D combat style. The story of the game is set at a time after World War III, which was a result of a severe energy crisis experienced around the globe. The war destroyed many of the world’s greatest cities, reducing them to rubble and ruin. The people abandoned these cities in search of new land they can rebuild their lives in. The abandoned cities found new purpose: they were made into race tracks to satisfy the people’s desire for a new kind of entertainment, which they call Apocalypse Motor Racing.

In Apocalypse Motor Racers, players not only compete for the top spot but also survival. After the war, the world’s natural resources are left in the control of a powerful elite, and one of the ways to obtain them is winning in the Apocalypse races. Aside from getting money and medals, victors also stand to earn food, water, and other necessities. The races are not just a matter of reaching the finish line, however. Players would have to destroy their opponents’ cars and make sure they are the only one left standing to finish the race. This game contains 24 race tracks and vehicle customization options that enable players to make their race cars as tough and as fast as possible.