APManager Application 2.0

Cobb Tuning (Freeware)

APManager Application, also known as AccessPort Manager, is a component of the program AccessPort. This component is created by Cobb Tuning. It is designed to enable the transfer of datalog files and calibration, and maintain the upgrade process of the program’s firmware. This application is a combination of the previous AccessPort Manager and AccessPort Updater versions.

As its name suggests, APManager Application is used to manage the different features and facets of AccessPort. Users can click or drag and drop maps to and from the computer. Maps can be located by clicking the “Import File” or “Upload” (selected maps). For dragging and dropping, a map can be opened from a folder or through the search result list. Details of maps are instantly shown once selected. They can also search maps by map field text, such as filename, descriptions, vendor, and vehicle.

There is also the option to delete or remove files with this APManager Application. If in case some datalogs that are already deleted must be restored, users can retrieve them. Users can simply click “Datalogs” or “All Files”, which are located at the filter dropdown list. The next step is to click or drag any files that need retrieving, and save theseto any location.

For its updater tool, this program automatically detects any updates of AccessPort. Users are notified regarding the updates, and they can install the program updates in a single click.