Aplus DVD Copy 8.89

Aplus Technology (Shareware)

Aplus DVD Copy is a simple program that consists of two applications – a DVD creator and a DVD copier. Both programs are standalone applications.

The DVD Copy program has a simple user interface that is divided into two sections – Input and Output. Under the Input side, users can choose the movie to copy. The file can either be from a hard disk or from a DVD disk. Users can also select the audio track from a drop down menu provided. There are also check boxes for including the DTS audio, the subtitles and the movie menu and extras. Under the Output section, users can choose to copy the video to the hard disc or to the DVD recorder.

The DVD Creator application is used for creating DVDs of videos that are in the computer. Users just have to add the videos to burn to the application. All videos slated for burning are listed at the upper part of the window including the source file name, duration, and file information. Users can then change the output settings for the video including the DVD burner to use, the DVD label, format, and the location where the file will be saved. The program also comes with a small media player that is used for previewing video files.