APC PowerChute Personal Edition

American Power Conversion Corporation (Freeware)

APC PowerChute Personal Edition is a power protection program created for battery backups. It offers safe system shutdown in case a power outage occurs. This helps avoid possible corruption of data. The program also offers Hibernation, which preserves the state of the entire computer system and speed up the recovery time of your system. There are also options for managing the program. It has Power Performance functionality that summarizes the power issues encountered by the system such as electrical noise or blackout. Users can also evaluate the power status.

APC PowerChute Personal Edition offers OS Compatibility feature. This feature supports a variety of processors and operating systems. It also offers compatibility with different models of Back-UPS including but not limited to Back-UPS LS, Back-UPS Cs, Back-UPS ES, and Back-UPS RS. The application also works to monitor the battery backup’s operation through its Automatic Self-Tests feature. This feature detects the status of your battery early on notifying users to change their batteries before it is too late. Users can also check the historical and current data of the status of the battery. PowerChute can also be used for assessing devices’ energy consumption and select energy saving plan. Customizing battery backup usage is also possible with this program through its Configuration options.