B-Alive (Proprietary)

Apassionata is a simulation game in which players participate in a horse show based on the famous European horse gala of the same name. To succeed in this game, players must learn to not only dress themselves and their horses well, but take good care of them as well. The player is tasked to see to the various aspects of equine care, including feeding and grooming their horse. Some of the activities to do are going on trail rides and training the horses.

The game enables players create their own avatars. There are two shops from which players can purchase items for the game. One of the shops contains equipment and accessories for the horses, and another is filled with clothes and horseback-riding accessories for the players’ avatars. Training and grooming the horse is a requirement before players can participate in the horse pageant. In the show, the player’s avatar and their horse go on stage and show off not only their costumes but also the tricks they have learned. The riding and the tricks must be done well in order to score points and allow them to purchase more items from the shops.

Apassionata features five different kinds of horse breeds. The game comes with a tutorial to teach players how to play. In the Director Mode, players can design their own show, complete with lighting and background music.