Apache Tomcat 7.0.39

Apache Software Foundation (Open Source)

Apache Tomcat, previously known as Jakarta Tomcat, is a web server and a servlet container program. It is developed by Apache Software Foundation and was first released in 1999. It is particularly used for providing users with a Java environment to run web programs. These web programs can be launched in an Internet browser interface like Chrome, Firefox, or IE. The program also includes management and configuration tools. In addition,, XML editing is also possible.

Tomcat includes the following components:

• Coyote – This is the HTTP Connector component of Tomcat. It offers supports for HTTP 1.1 protocol for application container or web server. This component tracks incoming TCP port connections on the server then forwards them to the program’s engine.
• Catalina – This is the program’s servlet container, which implements Sun Microsystems’ specifications for both JavaServer Pages and servlet.
• High Availability – This feature is used for facilitating system upgrade scheduling without disturbing the live environment.
• Jasper – This is the program’s JSP Engine and it is used for parsing JSP files in order to be compiled into Java code as servlets.
• Cluster – This component is used for managing large applications.

Aside from these, the program also includes system- and user-based web applications enhancements as deployment support.