Apache: Air Assault

Gaijin Entertainment (Proprietary)

Apache: Air Assault is a video game developed by Gaijin Entertainment and published by Activision in November 2010. This video game is an action-based aircraft simulator where players take control of an attack helicopter in different missions. Users are provided with different variants of the Apache helicopter of the United States Air Force. Apache: Air Assault features different aircraft such as A-10’s and drones, and different military land vehicles as opponents. This video game allows players to experience actual controls inside an Apache helicopter with animated gauges, dials, buttons, control stick, and weaponry. Players would get to learn basic helicopter piloting, and air combat maneuvers during missions. Players can control their helicopter using the keyboard or a console joystick. Apache: Air Assault features 16 missions in different locations from around the world. Players would get to combat terrorists in air and ground strike missions in the jungles of Central America, mountains of the Middle East, and urban zones. In addition, players would get to use real life Apache weaponry such as the cannon, air to ground and air-to-air missiles, and electronic warfare devices.

Apache: Air Assault features several difficulty levels and game modes. Increasing the difficulty would enable the player to experience actual Apache piloting where every flight and control aspect will be considered. High difficulty also spawns tougher opponents and makes the player’s helicopter susceptible to damage. Apache: Air Assault’s game modes include a single player mode, a multiplayer mode where players may challenge other players though LAN or using an online connection, and a cooperative mode where two players will pilot a single helicopter.