Apabi Reader

National Library Board-Singapore (Freeware)

Apabi Reader is an application that allows users to check, read, and download Chinese ebooks found on the National Library Board ebook database in Singapore. The books cover many topics including aerospace, business and management, culinary, education, law, military science, politics, medicine, philosophy, and many others. The reader can be installed on mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones, as well as a variety of Android devices.

Apabi Reader allows users to modify how they will see the ebooks. Changes can be made on the text alignment, indent, spacing, font substitute, and others. There are also different reading modes for different users. There is the fixed-layout mode, as well as the reflowing mode. Users can choose to fit the reading panel on the whole tablet or use two columns mode while the device is held horizontally. The app will normally require the users to login using their membership ID and birth date but they can choose to click on “FreeGo” which will skip the login process, but will lessen the number of ebooks they will have access to. The user interface is simple and is displayed on the language set on the mobile device. For instance, if the user’s phone is set to use Chinese language, the navigational buttons on the user interface will also be shown in Chinese.