AP Guitar Tuner 1.02 1.02

Audio Phonics Inc (Freeware)

AP Guitar Tuner 1.02 is a music-geared computer tool developed by Audio Phonics and released in December 2007. AP Guitar Tuner 1.02 allows users to tune their guitars using a software solution. This program works by attaching the musical instrument, in this case an electric guitar, to the computer’s soundboard through the microphone jack.

AP Guitar Tuner 1.02 also allows users to tune their acoustic pickup or a non-electric guitar using a common desktop microphone. To do this, users need to place the musical instrument near the microphone head or within 12 inches from it. AP Guitar Tuner 1.02 features several presets for guitar tuning. Users may even tweak the guitar sound by adjusting the octave levels as well as changing the A value. When the A value is changed, the base tuning changes slightly to a higher or lower tone.

AP Guitar Tuner 1.02 user interface features an Options window allowing users to customize the interface appearance. Users may change the application’s color scheme through custom settings. Users may also revert back to the default appearance by clicking the Restore Initial color scheme button. Users may also change some audio configurations by changing the recording device as well as the midi output. To test whether the level settings are correct, users should check if the Energy Gauge located on the top middle portion of the interface jumps whenever there is a strong guitar pluck.