Aomei Dynamic Disk Converter 3.5

Aomei Technology Co., Ltd (Shareware)

Aomei Dynamic Disk Converter is a conversion wizard that is known as a powerful tool in converting dynamic disks to basic ones in just a few seconds. The conversion process is proven safe and the main highlight of this program is that it can perform its main functions without data loss. The whole process is completed in just three to 10 seconds.

This application is a reliable tool when it comes to the optimization of disk storage management. This application supports striped volume, spanned volume, mirrored volume, and RAID 5 volume. This utility supports different file systems such as NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and FAT32.

Aomei Dynamic Disk Converter is capable of the following functions:
• Sector by sector conversion and cloning
• Disk to basic disk partition
• Data retrieval from unreadable and invalid dynamic disk
• Support for single volumes with 2TB maximum capacity
• Conversion of multiple dynamic disks into basic ones at the same time

This program can work such that unreadable disks can be reverted to basic to make data retrieval possible. This utility is also capable of multiple disk conversion, and the program can attest to data security in all the procedures done. This tool ensures a system bootable state as soon as the dynamic disk is reverted to basic disk.