Aoao Watermark 7.1

AoaoPhoto Digital Studio (Shareware)

Aoao Watermark is a simple application used for adding watermarks to photos and images to add copyright and prevent photos from being used without the owner’s permission. The program supports batch processing and allows users to add watermarks to several photos all at the same time. Individual files or entire folders can be imported to the program by using the one of the options located at the bottom part of the main window. Images can then be selected for adding the watermark.

On the main window under “Add Watermark”, there are six tabs that consist of different settings. These are Text, Image, Frame, Crop, Resize, and Rename. Under the Text tab, users can add the text to place on the image as a watermark. Users have complete control over the appearance including the font size and style, effect, and alignment. Changes can immediately be seen on the preview window. The Image tab allows users to use an image as a watermark. Different frames can also be added to the photo. Under the Resize tab, users can change the photo’s resolution by choosing one from the drop down menu. Custom resizing is also available. The new image with the watermark can be saved in different output formats including JPEG, PNG, PCX, TIF, GIF, or BMP.