AoA DVD Copy (Shareware)

AoA DVD Copy is an application primarily used for creating backup copies of a DVD movie from a disc to the computer. The software will allow the user to watch DVD movies anytime directly from the computer. The creation of backup copies will ensure that the user will have copy of a favorite movie even when the disc has been lost, or has gotten unreadable over time. In addition, users can convert saved videos to other video types and transfer these to popular mobile devices and portable media players.

To use AoA DVD Copy, the user first selects the drive where the DVD movie is located. It can be in the disc drive or in an external device, like a portable hard drive. The user then chooses the output folder where the backup copy will be saved. The user can configure the output file and select from three copy modes. For example, the user may opt to only create a backup of the main movie, or include the subtitles and other contents included in the DVD.

AoA DVD Copy has the ability to create a backup of DVDs even if they are region-protected. This means it can copy NTSC and PAL movies to the computer.