Anywhere PE Viewer (Shareware)

Anywhere PE Viewer is a utility created to explore Portable Executable (PE) files. This cross-platform application is compatible with a variety of functions including IBM OS/2, MS Windows, and Linux OS. This program is absolutely free. This app is also known for its versatility.

This program can be used to inspect PE headers. With this utility, import tables and export tables may also be viewed along with other resources. This utility is entirely written using Java. As such, it requires at least a Java™ Runtime Environment version 1.6.

Anywhere PE Viewer can also be used to produce HTML reports while the data from the headers are all there. This program can also export resources such as AVI, RT_STRING, and RT_ICO into files. The PE checksum may also be computed. This utility supports 64-bit PE+ format as well as 32-bit PE format.

This program also allows users to inspect and view export and import tables and PE headers. With this program, users will be able to create HTML reports easily using data from headers. Certain types of resources such as AVI, RT_STRING, and RT_ICO may be exported using the same program. This application is compatible with Mac OSX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and IBM OS/2.