anyTV Free 5.14

FDRLab, Inc. (Freeware)

anyTV Free is a small utility that enables users to access and watch TV programs on their computers. FDR Lab developed anyTV Free and released it on October 2007. This program enables users to access local TV, satellite TV, and world TV from across the globe. This program also features access to thousands of online video clips and online radio programs. Users can do all these even without a television or a TV tuner card installed in their system.

anyTV Free allows access to 2630+ online TV shows, 6900+ video clips, and 4750+ online radio stations. This program can also access TV channels from more than 100 countries. It also features daily updates of channel listings. This program also features a video rating system and two viewing functionalities—Full screen mode and regular window mode.

The program has a simple interface with functional buttons at the top left portion for TV, Radio, Video, Favorites, Update, and Submit. With the TV tab clicked, a dropdown list appears showing a country selector. A table below the country selector shows the available channels for the specific country selected. The viewing pane occupies the right portion of the user interface. Below the view pane are the Play/Pause button, Settings button, and the Volume slider. Users may set specific channels and radio stations as favorites for quicker access.