Anytotal Webcam Recorder

Anytotal (Freeware)

Anytotal Webcam Recorder is a software application that does what its name says: record videos taken by a user’s webcam. The program can be used as an alternative to other applications that use the computer’s webcam device to transmit streaming multimedia over the Internet to another recipient during a video call.

In addition to basic features offered by the application that have been the de facto standard across similar applications, Anytotal Webcam Recorder is able to automate the process of “cleaning” a video taken by a webcam by optimizing the video in real-time. One such technique involves stabilizing the shot when the user is moving while carrying the machine, which minimizes blurry shots and keeps the lens focused on the subject.

The application gives users the option to save their recorded video in any of the commonly used video file types, which include AVI, Windows Media Video, and MPEG, to name a few. Mobile video file formats are also available as an option when saving recorded video. This method makes it convenient for users to send multimedia files to another recipient through email, as webmail providers often set a limit to the maximum video file size that a user can attach. The graphical user interface features large icons and easily recognizable symbols, which are specifically designed for novices, children, and the elderly.