AnySQL Maestro

SQL Maestro Group (Shareware)

Database management is a tough and challenging task. With many databases containing sensitive data, a system administrator who manages databases should be very careful when executing his or her tasks. Many programs have been developed for the sole purpose of managing and maintaining databases in various sizes. AnySQL Maestro, designed and developed by SQL Maestro Group, is one of these applications. Coming in two versions, Freeware and Professional, the program caters to the needs of system administrators who manage databases.

Both the freeware and the professional editions pack enough punch for any database administrator. Both versions feature the same database explorer, object editors, object creation wizards, and object browsers. Both versions also feature the same SQL tools. These SQL tools include a fully featured SQL editor, an SQL script editor, an SQL generator, and an SQL dump. The professional version contains more features for the advanced handling of databases. This includes a database designer, database report, visual query builder, an SQL formatter, and data analysis. However, both versions share the same database diagram viewer. Both versions also share a majority of the same database management tools. These include tools for editing, filtering, and grouping data. Other features that are included in the Professional version are data import and export, and master-detail views.