AnyReader 3.12


AnyReader is a program that enables users to copy corrupted data from different devices. This program contains features that are used to recover corrupted data from optical discs such as CDs and DVDs, as well as corrupted data from unreliable Wi-Fi networks. Data corruption may be caused by physical damage such as chips and scratches on the optical disc’s surface, or from an unstable wireless connection that gets disconnected every now and then. Users that attempt to copy corrupted data will get an error message that state “the data cannot be copied because the target file is corrupted”. Files can also be corrupted if the file transfer was interrupted due to the loss of the wireless connection. AnyReader allows users to override these errors and proceed in copying the data into a folder or location of their choice. With AnyReader, users can access and read the undamaged sector of the corrupted file. This program can also be used along with a recovery tool to enable users to repair the whole file.

AnyReader features a wizard-type user interface that provides users with a 5-step process in recovering their corrupted files. Users may first choose an action whether they would want to copy files from a damaged drive, read data off damaged CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or HD DVD, copy files across an unstable network, and merge broken files. AnyReader would then prompt a user to select a file source such as an optical disc drive, a local hard disk drive, or a network drive. After selecting the file source, AnyReader would ask the users to set an output directory where the files shall be saved. The program would also ask the user to set the number of copy attempts for the corrupted file. Afterwards, the AnyReader would proceed to copy the files into the set location. Once the process is done, the program would display the statistics of the copying process.