Anyplace Control 5.5

Anyplace Control Software (Shareware)

Anyplace Control is a remote administration program that enables users to access a computer in a remote location. The program displays the remote computer on the user’s screen so that it can be accessed using the keyboard and the mouse. It can be used even if the software is not installed in the remote computer. Additionally, the program comes with a file transfer tool for easy transferring of files from computer to computer. There is also a chat feature for communicating with a user on another system.

Anyplace Control has two parts – the host module and the admin module. The host module needs to be launched on the remote computer in order for the program to work, while the admin module must be launched on the local computer in order for the user to control the remote computer. The program can be used by novice computer users.

Other features of the program include the following:
• Drag and drop file transfer – The program has a Windows style interface and allows users to transfer files just by dragging and dropping them to the main window.
• Remote power management – Users can shut down, restart, disable the keyboard, log in and log out, and turn on the remote computer.
• Strong security – Access to the remote computers are encrypted with 128-bit encryption.
• Clipboard transfer – This feature enables users to copy texts and graphics from one computer and paste it to another computer.