AnyPic Image Converter

AnyPic Soft (Freeware)

AnyPic Image Converter is a graphics application that enables users to convert images from one file format into another. The program likewise allows users to execute simple image edits including resizing, rotating, and cropping. It also features some image effects and watermark function. Users may also add and edit the borders of a selected photo. The program supports batch conversion. This allows users to edit hundreds of images quickly and efficiently. AnyPic Image Converter supports a variety of image file formats including PSD, GIF, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, and ICO. The program also supports camera RAW formats. This provides for more flexibility when editing images.

AnyPic Image Converter features a classic grey-themed user interface. The window is divided into three panels—Taskbar, Task window, and Image List. The Taskbar provides options for output format; resize dimensions, watermark, color corrections, border, crop, and renaming options. Clicking any of the options given will launch its corresponding options. The Image List window is divided into two. The list of images added into the program is displayed at the bottom. Selected images will be displayed on the upper half. Users may add and remove images using buttons located on the top. The bottom of the GUI shows the output folder path. Users may specify another output path by typing in the input box or clicking on the Browse button. To initiate the conversion process, users can click the big blue Start button at the bottom right.